Aquarius stone

Aquarius zodiac sign

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January 21 to February 19




Uranus & Saturn

Birthstone Blue Sapphire
Lucky stones of Aquarius

Opal, Black Pearl, Sapphire, Amethyst

Unlucky stone


Positive points

Intellectual, creative, trustworthy, honest, kind

Negative points

Eccentric, stubborn, reckless and unconventional


Gemini, Libra

What is aquarius

What is aquarius

People born between January 21 and February 20 belong to the Aquarius constellation. The aquarius symbol is the eleventh sign of the zodiac ruled by the planets Saturn and Uranus. The main element of Aquarius is air and the symbol is a man carrying a vessel filled with water. He is more commonly known as the water carrier. Water symbolizes life by its importance and necessity to the prosperity of humanity.

Aquarius natives are humanitarians who dedicate their lives to a social cause.
They are progressive and truth seekers, enthusiastic and sensitive at the same time. They are said to be the sign of inventors, adventurers and visionaries. Unpredictability is one of the characteristics of Aquarius. They have a sharp third eye, so it is easy for them to see through deception and betrayal.

Aquarius birthstone

Blue Sapphire is known to be a favorite of Saturn. Therefore, blue sapphire is the aquarius birthstone of the Aquarius sign. This stone will allow Aquarius natives to experience the mystical power of the stone throughout their lives. It can help them remove obstacles to their success and reap happiness, success and prosperity in their lives. This precious crystal improves the overall well-being of the Aquarius zodiac sign. The cosmic rays of this stone help to influence all the positive aspects of this zodiac sign. You can have this gemstone at home or carry it around with you with jewelry and other accessories.

Aquarius stone

The Aquarius good luck stone is amethyst for the affinity and characteristics of this crystal that perfectly suit the Aquarius temperament. Wearing this stone can deeply influence their relationships, personality traits, how they make business decisions. Amethyst stone has a distinctive color and crystal structure that makes it attractive and this stone is well suited to both positive and negative qualities of Aquarius. Amethyst's gentle aura guides and encourages Aquarius to take an interest in the world around them by developing their curiosity and open-mindedness. Individuals born under the sign of Aquarius are known for their communication skills, which are enhanced by amethyst and encourage teamwork in the workplace. The purple hues of the amethyst stone also work on the unpredictable temperament of Aquarius by calming their minds.

Aquarius lucky stones

Aquarius woman

Aquarius women like to distinguish themselves from others by wearing things in unconventional ways, originality is the key word in their line of conduct. They will never buy from the local mall. Instead, they pair vintage with handmade boutique pieces in a style that is original to them. Want to please an Aquarius? Prepare a surprise for her, they pay a lot of attention to it. We can say that Aquarius women represent the quintessential nonconformist on Earth. An Aquarian woman is attracted to natural therapies like lithotherapy or aromatherapy. Lucky stones for an Aquarius woman are turquoise, moss agate, sugilite, lapis lazuli, jasper, amethyst and garnet.

Aquarius lapis lazuli stones

Aquarius man

The amethyst stone and the jasper stone are known to transform the physical, emotional and spiritual nature of the Aquarian born. It brings out the full potential of the Aquarian man so that he can assert himself at his best.

Aquarius jasper stone

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