Crystals for sleep

Crystals for sleep

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Many people suffer from insomnia. The main cause is often the stress of everyday life. In these moments when tension is at its peak, there is nothing more frustrating than not being able to fall asleep. We then fall into a downward spiral where the lack of sleep makes us even more irritable.

To overcome the blockage that prevents you from getting a good night's sleep, you'll need more than a sleeping pill. Medication may bring temporary sleep, but it won't help you recharge your mind and solve the problem buried inside you that keeps you awake at night.

In this situation, crystals can greatly help you find the calm and sweetness of the night so you can sleep better.
Crystals for sleep
Stress related to financial problems, health problems, and break-ups can all lead to hours of lying in bed without getting a wink of sleep. To free your mind, the only solution is to relax. And to relax it is imperative that your energy and your chakras are stabilized. Use crystals to help you sleep and calm your mind to forget your worries. So today we present you the best crystals for sleep.

Crystals for anxiety and dreams

  • Selenite:

One of my favorite crystals for insomnia is selenite. This stone has proven to be a perfect stress reliever. The selenite properties promote calmness to convey inner peace. With its calm and clear energy, you can place it in your bedroom before going to sleep each night. It will carry you into a state of calm and clarity, programming your mind and body for a good night's sleep. Place your selenite under your bed or on your nightstand to make the most of its virtues. It can also be a treatment for snoring.


  • Amethyst:

Amethyst stone, which needs no introduction, is also an excellent choice for promoting restful sleep. Like selenite, it gives off a soft, warm energy ideal for calming your mind and bringing you peace, it is useful if you suffer from anxiety. Amethyst is also known for its ability to awaken the subconscious mind to work the dream. When you dream, you tap into and free your subconscious mind. Try placing amethyst stones under your pillow before bed to help your imagination.

Amethyst stones

  • Howlite

This stone which looks like marble will allow you to sleep well thanks to meditation. Indeed, with its soothing virtues, the howlite slow down the mind and help you find peace. This amazing crystal will bring you peace, silence, calm and will put you in the best conditions for the best sleep. The howlite links your mind to your body to fall asleep with comfort. Howlite is really useful for people who have to deal with insomnia.


  • Rose quartz

Rose quartz brings love and self-confidence, but did you know that it also can be used to have a better sleep? This crystal can help to calm the stress, stop ovethinking and help you find a real peaceful sleep. The crystal of love will help you to calm your heart and to keep away all negative energies. This will help you find sleep more easily and promote sweet dreams.

Rose quartz

Tip: Clear quartz is an excellent catalyst that will enhance the aura of surrounding stones tenfold. Place a few quartz stones in your room to maximize the effects of your crystals.

    Crystals to avoid

    Some crystals are good for boosting energy. This is the case with blue calcite, which can keep some people awake at night. If you are a light sleeper, it is sometimes better to keep them away from your bed. If that is not enough, choose a smaller crystal or move the life-giving crystals out of your room. Test the stones that work best for you. Choose a crystal, be it selenite, amethyst or rose quartz, and work with it before bed each night. Make it a nightly meditation routine!


    As you go along, you may need to change the crystals in your room. Crystals with a more pronounced aura may work better for you, such as hematite and black tourmaline, rather than the lighter crystals.

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