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You want to know more about the tiger's eye stone, and want a crystal which will bring you healing, calm, courage and self-confidence. Here it is.
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This beautiful stone of courage and motivation in golden hues will help you succeed in whatever you do. Tiger's eye stone helps transform toxic feelings into courage and self-confidence. It can help you stay determined in times of doubt.

If you begin to doubt yourself, call upon the powerful and stabilizing energy of the Tiger's Eye Crystal by programming it with an intention involving passion, courage and determination.

In this article we reveal all the secrets of the stone of courage, its meaning and virtues and how to use it.


Stone of protection

Spiritual virtues

Communication, courage

Physical virtues

Strength, bone healing

Emotional virtues
Anti-stress, concentration, harmony

Basic Chakras, Solar Plexus

Tiger eye stone history

The history of the tiger's eye stone goes back thousands of years, this stone was worn by the Romans to grant them calm and courage.

The name "eye of the tiger" is linked to the golden and brown reverberations that can be seen when the stone is tilted, similar to the eyes of a tiger ready to pounce on its prey. For this reason, this golden brown quartz stone was thought to confer the unwavering focus and determination of a tiger.

In Roman beliefs, it was also thought that the "flash" of the tiger's eye stone distracted the opponent. This made it more difficult for the opponent to strike. This protective power of the tiger's eye made amulets and talismans invaluable to ancient Roman soldiers.
Eye's tiger collection
In Egypt, this golden-hued stone was worn as a talisman for its clairvoyant properties. It was called "the all-knowing eye", supposedly allowing its wearer to observe everything, even through closed doors. It was also found embedded in the eyes of their deity statues as a symbol of divine vision offering protection from the sun and earth combined.

Tiger's eye is a type of fibrous quartz that forms from crocidolite when quartz crystals are embedded in it. Crocidolite is actually a type of asbestos. As the quartz crystals grow, the crocidolite dissolves but the fibrous forms remain and give the stone its shimmering appearance.

Tiger eye stone meaning

The tiger's eye stone is associated with courage and self-confidence, which come from understanding your true desires. This stone helps you discover your authentic personality and deepest desires. An effective way to deepen your connection with the tiger's eye crystal is to wear the stone and set your intentions so that it brings you strength and determination.

The eye of the tiger can help you develop a more positive attitude, which will help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself. Tiger's eye is the perfect stone for times of doubt. Working with the energy and properties of this quartz can help stabilize you and give you the power to build courage to move forward.

Our advice:
When combined with other semi-precious stones, the powerful and motivating energy of the tiger's eye crystal can be amplified and enhanced. For best results, the tiger's eye stone can be combined with pyrite or rock crystal. Keep these stones in your workspace and use their energy to achieve your wildest dreams and maintain unwavering determination.

Tiger eye spiritual meaning

The soothing properties of tiger's eye stones facilitate communication by allowing one to overcome fears. While the abilities of clairvoyance and unwavering focus will allow one to understand their deepest needs and desires.

Gems that have a more golden tiger's eye color are thought to confer a deeper sense of commitment and devotion. They facilitate enthusiasm, a desire for continued commitment and unconditional love.

Tiger eye properties

Tiger Eye properties

Tiger eye healing properties

The physical healing properties of tiger's eye are said to be beneficial for broken bones. Its ability to give strength, in keeping with the meaning of the tiger stone, may be the source of its benefit for bone healing.

The healing properties of the tiger's eye are also thought to aid in the healing of neck and spine problems. Sinus congestion and vision problems can also be relieved by this tiger rock.

Tiger's eye is thought to help balance metabolism and energy levels, helping to remove toxins from the body.

Our advice:
Wear tiger eye jewelry that places the golden brown mineral rock near the affected area.
Keep a tiger's eye stone in a pocket to keep its healing vibrations close to the body.

Tiger's Eye metaphysical properties

The emotional healing properties of tiger's eye stem from its ability to communicate clearer, more balanced thinking while relieving anxiety and fear. The properties of tiger's eye provide a great deal of energy while remaining calm.

People subject to attentional difficulties can use the energy of the tiger eye stone. Its ability to communicate focus, determination and perseverance make this stone particularly useful in this area.

The powers of the tiger's eye bring balance and harmony, it facilitates the understanding of emotional breakdowns by bringing clear and focused thoughts to facilitate healing.

Tiger's eye also helps to combat addictive behaviors. It can reduce cravings for addictive foods and substances.

Our advice:
Wear tiger's eye jewelry, especially necklaces and earrings, to focus the effects of the golden quartz near the head.
Hold the stone tightly in your hand for stronger support during difficult times of the day.

What chakra is Tiger's Eye

This golden quartz activates the solar plexus chakra thanks to the strong vibration of willpower it gives off. This chakra is the chakra of power. By activating and cleansing the third chakra as well, the tiger's eye helps you stay grounded, even when you are surrounded by chaos.

This stone can be used as an extra support during periods of intense concentration and determination, which can be useful in the practice of divination arts or meditation. If you are feeling stuck, the properties of Tiger's Eye can give you the personal power you need to move forward.

Our advice:
Wear tiger eye rings and bracelets that will promote the virtues of golden quartz on your lower chakras.

In short...

Stone of protection
Spiritual virtues : Communication, courage
Physical virtues : Strength, bone healing
Emotional virtues : Anti-stress, concentration, harmony
Chakras : Basic Chakras, Solar Plexus

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