7 chakra bracelet
7 chakra bracelet
7 chakra bracelet

7 chakra bracelet

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7 chakra stone bracelet

This bracelet uses stones with special energetic properties to subtly change the life and health of the wearer. Negative energy leaves the wearer and is trapped in the bracelet. Positive energy then emanates from each of the stones and rebalances the chakras. Each color reflects a vibration or frequency radiating through the chakras.

7 chakra bracelet meaning

The 7 chakra bracelet is a Buddhist talisman of harmony and power. It provides harmony and vital and spiritual energy to the body and mind. The bracelet consists of a series of 7 natural stones of different colors and corresponds to the seven chakra points of our body.

When they are all together as on a bracelet, they are supposed to have a positive influence on our whole body and mind.

7 chakra bracelet benefits

This powerful bracelet has many virtuesThe 7 chakras bracelet is connected with all the chakras. It can be worn on the wrist to feel better if an internal imbalance, mental or physical, is felt. Or it can be worn as a support, to keep the right balance and stay in the best shape.

What are the 7 chakras?

1. Root Chakra

2. Sacral Chakra

3. Solar Plexus Chakra

4. Heart Chakra

5. Throat Chakra

6. Third eye chakra

7. Crown chakra

  • Materials: Natural stone
  • Each stone is unique, the shades of colors may vary
  • Size: 19 cm, Extensible

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