Amazonite ring
Amazonite ring
Amazonite ring
Amazonite ring
Amazonite ring
Amazonite ring

Amazonite ring

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Amazonite stone ring

This magnificent gold amazonite ring is set with the amazon stone. Wear this ring daily to harmonize your energies.

Carved from the stone of courage, the beautiful gold amazonite ring has a deep, captivating color as blue as the deep waters of the Amazon, and as green as the forests that surround it. This cabochon of a stone holds great powers, beyond the courage it confers, it is also known as the "stone of truth". The ring is made of steel with a layer of gold or silver plating.

Amazonite ring meaning

Wear this sublime ring to begin your spiritual work. The amazonite ring excels in the art of meditation by facilitating the process of inner work.

This ring, highly valued for its crystal power, will bring you harmony and balance to raise your happiness to the highest level.

Amazonite ring benefits

Amazonite stone is ideal for promoting the absorption of calcium and is a great help in the fight against brittle bones and cavities. This stone fights against the loss of hair and offers their repair.

  • Material: Natural stone, steel
  • Each stone is unique, the shades of colors may vary
  • Size: 7, adjustable

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