Amethyst pendulum
Amethyst pendulum
Amethyst pendulum
Amethyst pendulum

Amethyst pendulum

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With a calm and soothing energy, the amethyst pendulum brings you the necessary concentration and clairvoyance to answer your questions and  balance your energy

Made of beautifully faceted amethyst, the amethyst pendulum will bring you the inner peace and balance needed to practice the divination.

Each crystal cone is perfectly polished and balanced to bring you precise answers. The Amethyst Pendulum is filled with vibrant light of a violet spectrum. It awakens your crown chakra to become one with your mind and elevates your clairvoyance to the highest level.

Beautiful and mesmerizing, the amethyst stone pendulum swings with the energy and vibrational frequencies emitted by your body. The pendulum can swing clockwise or counterclockwise as it responds to you.

How to use an amethyst pendulum?

Hold the Amethyst Pendulum in a steady hand and ask it a simple question. Remember that he can only answer "yes" or "no".

  • Ideal for dowsing, energy healing, meditation
  • Materials : Natural stone
  • Size: 25 x 15 mm
  • Length of the chain: 26 cm
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