Amethyst runes
Amethyst runes

Amethyst runes

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Amethyst rune set

This set consists of 25 natural amethyst stones, including 24 unique symbols and one blank stone. Each symbol is taken from the futhark alphabet, an ancient runic language used by the peoples of Northern Europe.

What are amethyst runes used for?

Runes were used by warriors and magicians. In the past and still today, they are said to have extraordinary powers.

The runes are above all an old religious alphabet named Futhark and made up of 24 sacred signs represented on small pebbles, plus a neutral pebble without any sign.

The runes will bring you advices to help you move forward in your life according to your situation at the time.

The runes are messengers, the interpretations of each sign may vary from one practician to another, the runes do not give precise indications, but rather trends that will allow you to make a decision.

Amethyst runes meaning

Amethyst is associated with serenity, balance and temperance. Powerful it carries wisdom and humility it protects from negative environments stimulates intuition memory meditation concentration. These amethyst runes are therefore ideal to bring you calm and serenity during your rune stones session.

  • Materials: Natural stone
  • Set of 25 runes
  • Each stone is unique, the shades of color may vary

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