Ammonite necklace
Ammonite necklace
Ammonite necklace
Ammonite necklace
Ammonite necklace

Ammonite necklace

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Ammonite fossil necklace

The ammonite pendant, a treasure from the sea that has travelled through time to become a magnificent fossil with great powers. This beautiful Ammonite necklace features a natural cretaceous ammonite fossil connected by a silver chain.

Ammonites are one of the most popular and beautiful fossils on Earth. They lived in the seas and oceans several million years ago.

Ammonite is considered a stone of prosperity, symbolizing perpetual evolution. It can also improve physical vitality and stamina, as well as stabilize pulse and blood pressure.

Ammonite necklace meaning

The ammonite pendant is ideal for warding off negative thoughts that can lead to depression. Ammonite will play a protective role and refocus you on positivity to push you forward to overcome your challenges.

This stone also stimulates the creativity and imagination of its wearer. It is often associated with green aventurine, two stones that attract luck and financial prosperity.

A true creature of the sea floor, at the end of its life its shell is deposited at the bottom of the oceans and is transformed into a fossil by the action of the sediments that cover its remains. In reference to its spiral-shaped shell which crosses time while remaining intact, the ammonite fossil evokes infinity and eternity.

  • Materials: Natural stone, steel
  • Length: 45 cm
  • Size: 37*28 mm
  • Each stone is unique, the shades of color may vary
  • Meticulous finish

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