Apple incense cones

Apple incense cones

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Apple backflow incense cones

Apple is known for its refreshing properties and is often used to attract energies of peace, love, healing and wisdom. When you light one of our apple incense cones, it will help to purify and cleanse your space, promote feelings of peace and tranquility and create a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere in your home.

  • Our incense cones are made of high-quality, natural ingredients, ensuring a long-lasting and pleasing scent.
  • Specially designed to produce a unique smoke effect, creating a mesmerizing and peaceful display when used with a backflow incense burner.
  • Type: Incense cones, backflow incense cones
  • Compatibility: Incense burners
  • Quantity: 20, 50, 100
  • Duration: ≈15 min
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