Blue quartz pendulum
Blue quartz pendulum

Blue quartz pendulum

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Blue sandstone pendulum

Polished in blue sandstone, this pendulum transmitter has a high vibratory frequency. Its perfectly sculpted facets give it great precision and reliability in its answers, making it ideal for beginners and advanced dowsers.

To explore your future and find answers to your questions, hold the blue sandstone pendulum chain in the palm of your hand and focus on a simple question with a "yes" or "no" answer.

The blue sandstone of which it is made awakens clairvoyance to facilitate the calm in your mind necessary for spiritual connection. The Blue Sandstone Cone Pendulum can also be used in healing and meditation. Its stone stimulates the root chakra to keep your body and mind grounded during its use.

  • Ideal for dowsing, energy healing, meditation
  • Materials : Natural stone
  • Size: 25 x 15 mm
  • Length of the chain: 26 cm

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