Botswana agate bracelet
Botswana agate bracelet
Botswana agate bracelet
Botswana agate bracelet

Botswana agate bracelet

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Botswana agate bead bracelet

Crafted from 8mm Botswana agate beads, this beautiful bracelet radiates beautiful color and a mystical, creative aura. Wear the Botswana agate natural stone bracelet to stimulate your creativity and encourage exploration of the spiritual unknown.

Botswana agate bracelet meaning

The agate bracelet from Botswana brings you a clear energy that allows you to find effective solutions to your problems. This semi-precious stone helps you overcome your blockages to find inner peace more easily.

Cut from a powerful anchor stone, the Botswana agate bracelet helps you find emotional balance by connecting you deeply to nature. This virtuous stone awakens your courage and dispels dark emotions, such as jealousy, bitterness and regret.

Botswana agate bracelet benefits

The Botswana agate also has many virtues on the physical level. The benefits of this mineral help to reduce deep physical pains with ease. This mineral would allow recovering more quickly after a physical effort or following an illness. Indeed, as a healing stone, agate helps wounds to close quickly and without complications.

How to cleanse the Botswana agate stone?

Put your Botswana agate bracelet under demineralized water to purify it. You can also place your bracelet near a clear crystal which has purifying properties.

How to recharge the Botswana agate stone?

Recharge the Botswana agate stone in the moonlight or at dusk. Avoid the zenith, as direct sunlight over a long period of time may damage the stone.

  • Materials: Natural stone
  • Each stone is unique, the shades of colors may vary
  • Bead size: 8 mm
  • Size: 19 cm, Extensible

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