Clear crystal ball

Clear crystal ball

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Size:80 MM

Clear quartz crystal ball for gazing

This clear quartz crystal ball is very versatile. It can be used for therapeutic treatments, meditation and of course crystal ball gazing. The great purity of its crystal captures light and reflections to let images shine through.

The crystal ball is ideal for working on your psychic faculties and finding answers to your questions. It is a perfect medium to begin the approach of crystal gazing by exploring your subconscious.

How to use the clear crystal ball?

In order to facilitate the connection with the crystal ball, we recommend you to use a subdued light. Frankincense and white sage are also conducive to calming the mind and making it easier to approach crystal gazing.

Place your hands on the crystal ball to infuse it with your energy. Then plunge your gaze into the brilliance of its facets while avoiding blinking. Your vision will blur until you see colors or images appear in the reflection of your magic ball.

It is possible that the images you perceive during your first attempts will not make sense, or that you will not even see them. With regular practice, you will learn all the secrets of the crystal ball and find answers to all your questions. Be patient! The more you practice using the crystal ball, the easier it will be to see and understand the images it reflects.

  • Wooden stand included
  • Material: Synthetic crystal
  • Size: 80mm, 100mm

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