Copper dowsing rods
Copper dowsing rods

Copper dowsing rods

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Dowsing rods witchcraft

These copper dowsing rods are fully retractable for easy transportation. They can be folded and unfolded to a length of 57 cm.

How to use the copper dowsing rods?

  • Once unfolded, hold the wands firmly to their handles, keeping the wand parallel to the ground.
  • Define your search intention (object, water, minerals, etc.).
  • When you arrive at the desired object, your wand will rotate in your hands and point to your target.

At first, the reaction may be quite weak, but it will become more pronounced with practice.

  • Material: Copper - brass
  • Dimension: 57 cm (retractable)
  • Quantity : Wand x 2
  • Ideal for geobiology

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