Fluorite pyramid
Fluorite pyramid
Fluorite pyramid
Fluorite pyramid
Fluorite pyramid
Fluorite pyramid

Fluorite pyramid

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Rainbow fluorite pyramid

The beautiful color spectrum of this crystal is what makes it so popular among collectors, but some stones have a dominant purple or green color. That won't stop the Fluorite Pyramid from bringing the sweetness of its mystical aura to your home.

    Clear quartz pyramid meaning

    The natural fluorite pyramid is ideal for refocusing your thoughts when your mind is scattered. The daily routine can quickly overwhelm your mind with things to do and generate anxiety. The fluorite pyramid helps to structure your mind to reorganize yourself.

    The natural fluorite pyramid has the ability to control spiritual restlessness, introduce focus and anchor emotions to a central point of strength, making it an indispensable stone in your office or home.

    If you are feeling discouraged or sensitive to work stress, place the fluorite pyramid on your work desk to deflect negativity and increase your focus and creativity.

    Clear quartz pyramid benefits

    Fluorite is a stone with many virtues. It acts positively on neuropathy and bone problems by strengthening the bones. It has great powers on skin problems and many other skin disorders. Furthermore, it has an obvious healing power, it should be used to alleviate wounds.

    • Material: Natural stone
    • Size: 20*30*32*28
    • Weight: 20-30 g
    • Each stone is unique, shades of color may vary

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