Ganesh incense

Ganesh incense

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Ganesh incense sticks

Ganesh incense is traditionally used in Hindu and Buddhist spiritual practices. It is often burned during religious ceremonies and ritualistic activities, to honor the deity Ganesh, the remover of obstacles. The fragrance of the incense helps set the tone and can also help create a calming atmosphere for meditation.

It's believed that burning Ganesh incense releases healing energy into the environment. The scent of this incense is said to purify negative energies, bringing harmony, peace and luck to those who are exposed to it.

  • Incense sticks can be used during meditation or yoga practice, or simply to create a relaxing ambiance in your home.
  • Type: Incense stick
  • Quantity: 20 sticks
  • Length: 23 cm
  • Duration: ≈25 min
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