Garnet bead bracelet
Garnet bead bracelet
Garnet bead bracelet

Garnet bead bracelet

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Bead size:6 MM

Garnet stone bracelet

Made from red garnet, this energy bracelet invigorates, revitalizes and energizes your mind, body and soul. Get the energy flowing to regain a sense of vitality in all areas of your life with this red garnet bracelet.

If you lack energy or motivation, the properties of the garnet stone bracelet will snap out of your slump to take action.

Garnet bracelet meaning

Garnet is a stone of passion that promotes a smooth flow of energy throughout the body. This stone energizes the root chakra to help you feel more grounded and connected to the present moment.

When you feel unmotivated, garnet removes blockages so that life energy can flow through you. This improved circulation and movement of energy brings with it passion and joy.

  • Materials: Natural stone
  • Each stone is unique, the shades of colors may vary
  • Bead size: 6mm - 8mm
  • Size: 19 cm, extensible
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