Aventurine ring
Aventurine ring

Aventurine ring

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Green aventurine ring

The aventurine ring is adorned with a lucky stone. Wear this ring daily to feel its lucky energy. This aventurine stone ring is known for its green hues and intriguing sparkle effect that gives character to the stone and brings it to life. A true catalyst for good luck, it succeeds in its wearer to approach life on the right side.

Aventurine ring meaning

Green Aventurine is known as the "Stone of luck" or "Stone of opportunity" for its good luck properties. The aventurine ring helps you break free from old habits so that you are ready for new opportunities and can move forward with confidence. It infuses you with its serene, lucky energy.

Green aventurine ring benefits

Aventurine is a stone valued for its healing properties, especially for the skin. The green mineral helps to heal skin conditions and stress-related skin diseases such as eczema. It also accelerates healing and cell regeneration due to its high silica content.

The aventurine stone is beneficial on the eyes, it soothes eye fatigue, especially related to screens. It also reduces headaches and other headaches.

  • Material: Natural stone, steel
  • Each stone is unique, the shades of colors may vary
  • Dimension: ~ 25 x 14 mm
  • Size: Adjustable

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