Labradorite bead bracelet
Labradorite bead bracelet
Labradorite bead bracelet

Labradorite bead bracelet

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Labradorite stone bracelet

Made of labradorite beads, this stretch bracelet is made of stones that refract light and produce beautiful irises.

Labradorite is used for protection and renewal of spiritual energy in case of overwork. It is also known to clear the aura.

Labradorite bead bracelet meaning

In lithotherapy, one of the main properties of the iridescent gray stone is its real capacity of protection, it acts as a real shield. It absorbs and dissolves all forms of negative energies.

On a spiritual level, the fine labradorite stone has structuring virtues at the level of the energetic bodies as well as of the aura. It seals possible energy leaks in our etheric body and thus allows a renewal of energy.

  • Materials: Natural stone, copper
  • Each stone is unique, the shades of colors may vary
  • Size: 17 cm, extensible

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