Lava rock ring

Lava rock ring

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Stone:Lava stone

Lava stone ring

The lava stone ring was born in the heart of the earth, resulting from the solidification of lava from an erupting volcano. Lava stone ring is renowned for its many spiritual properties. It is made of the oldest and most abundant rock in this world, born from the fusion of lava. It is covered with the symbol of the Tree of Life in reference to the cycle of life.

Lava rock ring meaning

This stone has energetic and healing qualities by acting on the root chakra to stabilize your emotions. Wearing this Lava Stone Ring can help relieve anxiety, promote emotional tranquility and bring calm and serenity.

Lava Stone is considered a "foundation stone" that strengthens the wearer's connection to the Earth and gives strength and courage in times of change and stress.

  • Material: Natural stone, steel
  • Each stone is unique, the shades of colors may vary
  • Dimension: 32*23mm
  • Size: Adjustable

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