Lavender sage smudge stick
Lavender sage smudge stick

Lavender sage smudge stick

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Lavender and sage smudge stick

Purify your home with this white sage and dried lavender flower fumigation stick. According to Native American traditions, burning white sage purifies a place, increases wisdom and intensifies the connection with nature. The sage and the lavender, joined together, form an alchemy which makes it possible to benefit from their virtues. In the form of a branch also known as a fumigation stick, lavender and sage are plants with great purifying virtues.

How to use lavender sage stick?

Light the end of the stick and then extinguish the flame by waving the stick in the air to disperse the smoke to purify your living space. Don't forget to open the windows to allow the energy to escape.

  • Premium white sage
  • Stick size: Approximately 10 cm

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