Merkaba pendulum
Merkaba pendulum
Merkaba pendulum
Merkaba pendulum
Merkaba pendulum

Merkaba pendulum

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Stone:Rose quartz

Star merkaba pendulum

The Merkaba pendulum is shaped into a fascinating star form. In profile, it is the Star of David. It is a very powerful pendulum that can be used by beginners and advanced practitioners. This pendulum star is an excellent tool for channeling Reiki energy. It awakens clairvoyance and allows communication with other dimensions.

Merkaba pendulum meaning

The Merkaba crystal pendulum is renowned for its powerful connection to the spiritual dimension. It is mainly used for dowsing and energy healing.

According to legend, the Merkaba has the power to transport a person's spirit through different dimensions. Its spiritual affinity gives it great channeling power in Reiki practice. Combined with the soothing qualities of the natural stone, this pendulum stabilizes your mind by protecting you from negative energies.

  • Ideal for dowsing, energy healing, meditation
  • Materials : Natural stone
  • Each stone is unique, the shades of color may vary
  • Size: 21 x 21 mm
  • Length of the chain: 21 cm
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