Osiris pendulum
Osiris pendulum
Osiris pendulum
Osiris pendulum

Osiris pendulum

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The Osiris brass pendulum has a great energetic power conferred by the Egyptian god of cosmic order

Consisting of several brass half-spheres, the Osiris pendulum is an Egyptian dowsing tool. Its unique shape allows it to amplify the vibrations captured. Its great power lies in the diffusion of positive waves at a distance. It is very effective in teleradiesthesia to perform a work at a distance using a photo. It can also be used in medical radiesthesia for body healing.

This Egyptian Pendulum was made in the image of the multifaceted God who governs the order in the Universe. In Egyptian mythology, the God Osiris ensures balance on Earth. He is a benevolent deity, often associated with renewal.

  • Ideal for teleradiesthesia, dowsing, healing
  • Materials : Brass
  • Size: 37 x 16 mm
  • Weight: 31 g
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