Osmanthus incense

Osmanthus incense

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Osmanthus incense cones

Indulge in the sweet and calming scent of our Osmanthus incense. Made from the Osmanthus plant, native to China, this incense boasts a strong and alluring aroma. Known for its soothing properties, it is often used during meditation or yoga practice to reduce stress and anxiety. With a history dating back centuries, Osmanthus incense has been a staple in Traditional Chinese Medicine for its calming effects on the mind and body.

  • Our incense cones are made of high-quality, natural ingredients, ensuring a long-lasting and pleasing scent.
  • Specially designed to produce a unique smoke effect, creating a mesmerizing and peaceful display when used with a backflow incense burner.
  • Type: Incense cones, backflow incense cones
  • Compatibility: Incense burners
  • Quantity: 20, 50, 100
  • Duration: ≈15 min
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