Pendulum yes or no board
Pendulum yes or no board

Pendulum yes or no board

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Yes no pendulum board

Interpreting the answers from your pendulum can sometimes be complicated, especially if you are new to dowsing. The divination board is perfect for beginners in witchcraft. This wooden board printed with a beautiful Wicca design helps you interpret your pendulum's swing to get clear and accurate answers. An indispensable tool for asking simple questions to your pendulum and making the right decision for your own destiny through prediction.

  • Materials: Wood, acrylic
  • Type: Slice wooden base
  • Size: 15*15cm / 25*25CM

Unlock the secrets of your future with the Witch pendulum board. This board allows you to transcribe the energy of your pendulum. You can also discover all our Pendulum board.

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