Rhodochrosite tower
Rhodochrosite tower
Rhodochrosite tower
Rhodochrosite tower
Rhodochrosite tower
Rhodochrosite tower

Rhodochrosite tower

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Rhodochrosite point

This beautiful rhodochrosite point has pink and red color. It is also worth noting the presence of white bands on rhodochrosite. This coloring is explained by the presence of manganese in its composition.

Rhodochrosite tower meaning

The rhodocrosite stone is known to be the stone of love and compassion. It helps to bring up buried wounds in order to treat them gently. Place the rhodochrosite stone on your desk or in a corner of your room would help to develop a positive attitude. It is also particularly recommended during the practice of meditation. Its use then allows the good renewal of energies.

As for the chakra of the heart, it acts directly on the emotional, contributing thus to the regulation of the emotions and the feelings. On the chakra of the solar plexus, it fights against the stress and participates in the development of the self-confidence.

Rhodochrosite tower benefits

Rhodochrosite would allow detoxifying the liver and the kidneys. It would soothe stomach ulcers and would also have the virtue of invigorating the nervous system. The stone could regulate diabetes mellitus and would also be able to calm arthritis. It strengthens the immune system and helps fight diseases.

  • Material: Natural stone
  • Length: 50-70mm
  • Each stone is unique, shades of color may vary

Complete this set with the Amazonite tower. An incredible crystal tower carved in a natural stone to bring you its benefits. You can also discover other Crystal point to balance your energies.

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