Rose quartz runes
Rose quartz runes
Rose quartz runes
Rose quartz runes

Rose quartz runes

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Rose quartz rune set

This set of 25 runes comes with a pouch. Each rune has its own meaning that can be interpreted to advise you in your life choices, to better understand your future and make the right decisions.

Runes are engraved stones that were found around the 4th century AD among the Vikings in Scandinavia. Their origins are however uncertain because primitive runes have been found around the year 200.

But, according to some specialists, it would be difficult or impossible to date their origins precisely.
These runes were used as an alphabet called "Futhark" and are composed of 24 engraved runes.

Today, these runes are used as a divinatory support and can be used by all to question the future.
There are 25 runes, the last stone "Wyrd" has no engraving and serves as a joker.

  • Materials: Natural stone
  • Set of 25 runes
  • Size: 12-16mm
  • Each stone is unique, the shades of color may vary

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