Rose sage smudge stick

Rose sage smudge stick

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Rose and sage smudge stick

Dried white sage stick with rose petals. This white sage stick with rose petals adds color and cheer to your home purification practice. The rose petals bring a pleasant scent that helps to create a zen atmosphere in your home.
In many ancient traditions, dried plants were burned as incense to accompany purification rituals. White sage is reputed to set in motion stagnant energies while destroying harmful energies present in a place or on a body or an object.

How to use rose sage stick?

Light the end of the stick and then extinguish the flame by waving the stick in the air to disperse the smoke to purify your living space. Don't forget to open the windows to allow the energy to escape.

  • Premium white sage
  • Stick size: Approximately 10 cm

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