Sage smudge kit
Sage smudge kit
Sage smudge kit
Sage smudge kit

Sage smudge kit

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Sage burning kit

This white sage smudge stick kit is ideal for purifying your home, your objects as well as for meditation and yoga, elevating your spirituality. This sage smudging kit is the ideal gift to initiate yourself to fumigation. The kit is composed of three white sage sticks from California, a bird feather to direct the smoke from the stick, an abalone shell to deposit the ashes.

Benefits of the sage smudge

Very effective to evacuate negative energies and make "busy" spaces a little more livable.

It is also a good protector when one is confronted with certain small worries related to the paranormal:

Excellent bactericide and charged in negative ions, the smoke of sage will attract the positively charged particles from where its power cleansing for the ambient air.

How to use sage stick?

Light the end of the stick and then extinguish the flame by waving the stick in the air to disperse the smoke to purify your living space. Don't forget to open the windows to allow the energy to escape.

  • Premium white sage
  • Kit: 3*sage stick, 1*feather, 1*abalone shell, 1*smudging guide
  • Stick size: Approximately 4 cm

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