Silver moonstone ring
Silver moonstone ring
Silver moonstone ring

Silver moonstone ring

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Moonstone crystal ring

Awaken your sacred feminine with this moonstone ring adorned with a sublime natural stone of femininity. As ancient as the moon itself, great energy emanates from the silver moonstone ring. This ring is fine and elegant. A jewel of intuition, balance and femininity.

Moonstone ring meaning

Wear the Moonstone Ring to awaken your feminine energies. This fabulous stone has the power to guide you to the path of inner peace. The Moon evokes the tranquility and sensitivity of the esoteric universe.

This silver Moonstone ring exudes a brilliant aura that can re-energize the mind and body and eliminate negativity. Wrapped in sparkling white energy, moonstone is a beautiful protective gemstone.

Moonstone ring benefits

Wearing a Moonstone leads to relaxation and promotes good digestion. This stone also has draining benefits on the body. Its energies activate the work of the kidneys and the bladder, thus fighting against water retention.

Symbol of femininity, this lunar mineral has many virtues specific to feminine attractions. Protective stone, it accompanies pregnant women during their pregnancy by reducing their stress. Moonstone can also be beneficial for fertility.

  • Material: Natural stone, stainless steel
  • Each stone is unique, the shades of colors may vary
  • Weight: 3.39g

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