Snowflake obsidian ring
Snowflake obsidian ring

Snowflake obsidian ring

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Snowflake obsidian stone ring

The unique and breathtaking look of the snowflake obsidian ring will delight crystal lovers. Adorned with a natural obsidian stone speckle with gray, this beautiful ring is adjustable to suit each of us.

Snowflake obsidian ring meaning

When you feel hopeless, the snowflake obsidian ring can help you find the courage to persevere and help you see the opportunities you may have overlooked to improve your situation.

Wearing this snowflake obsidian ring helps to purify the body. For this reason, this stone is very popular with healers. Freeing you from any negative energies, this ring is a must-have in your collection.

Snowflake obsidian ring benefits

This gray stone facilitates the process of detoxification and purification of the organs, in particular at the level of the stomach and the intestine, and thus allows to reduce the risk of ulcer.

It strengthens the bones, thus reducing the risk of sprains and fractures, and accelerates the healing of wounds.

  • Material: Natural stone, steel
  • Each stone is unique, the shades of colors may vary
  • Dimension: ~ 22 x 28 mm
  • Size: Adjustable

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