Sodalite tower
Sodalite tower
Sodalite tower
Sodalite tower
Sodalite tower
Sodalite tower

Sodalite tower

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Sodalite point crystal

Sodalite tower is an excellent stone for creativity. It helps the wearer to invoke creativity that is both honest and refined. By connecting to your intuition, it taps into your most authentic self and encourages you to create new things.

How to use the sodalite tower

Using a sodalite tower in meditation will calm fears and give rise to positive ideas and creative solutions. It leads you not only to recognize your true self, but also to elevate it.

Sodalite tower meaning

The sodalite tower activates the throat chakra to guide you to discover your voice. As we undertake transitions in life, the reaffirming energy of sodalite reminds us of who we are. It brings balance to tumultuous emotions in times of uncertainty.

This beautiful blue stone is an exceptional tool in your crystal collection for directing confident energy to the mind. Sodalite connects to the throat chakra to break through your hesitations and encourage you to speak your truth.

  • Material: Natural stone
  • Length: 50-70mm
  • Each stone is unique, shades of color may vary

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