Sri Yantra crystal necklace
Sri Yantra crystal necklace
Sri Yantra crystal necklace

Sri Yantra crystal necklace

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Sri Yantra tiger eye crystal necklace

The Sri Yantra, a sacred Indian symbol, is one of the most powerful Yantras in the world. It consists of nine triangles (symbolic forms of all the Gods and Goddesses) tightly bound by two sets of Lotus petals. This sacred geometry helps to clear all your negative energies bringing peace, prosperity and harmony. Around this magical center is the "Earth Square", symbolic of the four directions, or Earth Gates.

The Sri Yantra has been used for thousands of years in India, China and Tibet to promote good fortune and literally means "The Instrument of Wealth".

The use of the Sri Yantra promotes the mindset of true abundance, helps to remove obstacles, assists in the fulfillment of desires, promotes material and spiritual growth and stimulates peace and harmony. It can also signify the unity and connection of everything in the cosmos.

  • Materials: Natural stone, resin, gold foil
  • Length: Resizable
  • Size: 36 mm
  • Each stone is unique, the shades of color may vary
  • Meticulous finish

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