Sri Yantra necklace
Sri Yantra necklace
Sri Yantra necklace

Sri Yantra necklace

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Sacred Sri Yantra necklace pendant

One of the most famous yantras, the Sri Yantra is a meditation diagram.  This sacred geometry is known to help clear all negative energies bringing peace, prosperity and harmony. The Sri Yantra has been used for thousands of years in India and Tibet to promote good fortune and literally means "instrument of wealth". The metal is stainless steel.

Sri Yantra necklace meaning

The Sri Yantra participate in the elimination of various obstacles, to improve the material as well as the spiritual plan, and to bring peace and harmony to the one who possesses it. It would help to reach a better concentration and would offer positive answers by realizing the desires of its possessor, without one being able to explain the origin of this power. It would neutralize the negative aspects of the existence.

  • Materials: Natural stone, steel
  • Length: 55 cm
  • Size: 33 mm
  • Each stone is unique, the shades of color may vary
  • Meticulous finish
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