Star pendulum board
Star pendulum board

Star pendulum board

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Pentagram pendulum board

This dowsing tool made of pine wood, is printed in black and white with a pentagram in its center. This mystical star-shaped symbol is a representation of the elements. It is a powerful symbol of protection that protects you from evil spirits while using your pendulum and strengthens your connection with the elements.

Position your pendulum in the middle and ask your question. The pendulum will answer you by making a movement on the board corresponding to the answer.

  • Materials: Wood, acrylic
  • Type: Slice wood base
  • Size: 15*15cm / 25*25CM

Unlock the secrets of your future with the Mystic eye pendulum board. This board allows you to transcribe the energy of your pendulum. You can also discover all our Pendulum board.

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