Tarot altar cloth with snake
Tarot altar cloth with snake
Tarot altar cloth with snake

Tarot altar cloth with snake

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Snake tarot cards tablecloth

The Tarot altar cloth with a snake is an important tool for many practitioners of the occult and divination. It is believed to represent the power of transformation and new beginnings, as well as wisdom and knowledge.

The cloth itself often has symbolism in it, such as a pentagram or other symbols from tarot cards. The snake that adorns it can also be thought of as a messenger between the physical world and the realm of magic. This makes it a powerful asset for divination and spell work, allowing connection to both realms at once.

Additionally, some people believe that having this cloth on their altar will help keep them protected from negative energies while they practice their craft.

  • Type: Tarot card tablecloth
  • Material: Polyester
  • Size: 75*75cm

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