Tiger Eye pyramid
Tiger Eye pyramid
Tiger Eye pyramid

Tiger Eye pyramid

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Stone:Tiger eye

Tiger eye stone pyramid

The tiger eye stone pyramid is fashioned from a rock of healing, vitality and courage. It stimulates the root, sacral and solar chakras to help you stay grounded, calm and centered in any situation.

Tiger eye pyramid uses

Place the tiger eye stone pyramid in your office or living area to feel the protective and grounding aura of the stone. With this stone by your side, you will be able to expand your mind and open yourself to your full potential. Whatever your needs, let the Tiger Eye Pyramid help you clear your mind and move forward.

Tiger eye pyramid benefits

The tiger eye natural stone pyramid infuses your body and chakras with revitalizing energy to strengthen your motivation and will. It combines the energy of the Earth with the energy of the Sun, bringing grounded, optimistic and happy energies.

  • Material: Natural stone
  • Size: 28-32 mm
  • Weight: 25 g
  • Each stone is unique, shades of color may vary

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