Trinity knot necklace silver
Trinity knot necklace silver

Trinity knot necklace silver

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Silver Celtic trinity knot necklace

This silver Trinity knot pendant is the ideal talisman for all modern witches. Symbol of Wicca, this beautiful silver pendant is a sublime piece of jewelry to wear every day, but also a very powerful talisman of protection. Define your intentions before wearing this necklace and strengthen your auric field with the Triquetra, Celtic symbol.

  • Materials: 316 L Stainless steel
  • Weight: 4.7 g
  • Size: 30*32 mm
  • Length: 50 cm
  • Meticulous finish

If you like Triquetra symbol and its meanings, you should definitely love the Triquetra knot necklace. In the same theme, check out our very popular Triquetra necklace. Check our Wiccan necklace for Wiccans as well as our Wiccan jewelry.

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