Yooperlite stone
Yooperlite stone
Yooperlite stone
Yooperlite stone

Yooperlite stone

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What is yooperlite?

Yooperlite has the same properties as sodalite, it is indeed a syenite with fluorescent sodalite. Discovered by Erik Rintamaki, this stone has been identified as syenite clasts containing fluorescent sodalite. This rock reveals incredible iridescence when exposed to UV light.

Expose this crystal point to UV ligth and observe the stunning yooperlite flashlight.

Yooperlite meaning

Yooperlite is a stone of truth and allows one to recognize and express feelings objectively. Yooperlite releases anger and negative thoughts and allows one to combat fears and phobias. It creates a clear and insightful mind, able to find inner peace. Yooperlite stimulates self-acceptance and self-confidence.

Yooperlige benefits

It avoids the retention of water and improves cellular hydration, while supporting the regulation of the blood pressure and the cardiac rhythm.

  • Material: Natural stone
  • Length: 90-100mm
  • Each stone is unique, shades of color may vary

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