Crystals for car protection

Crystals For Car

You are looking for crystals to protect your car from negative energy? Check out our guide for the best protection for your car.
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The road and its traffic jams are conducive to irritation, negative energy can come from various places when you are on the move. And just like your home or office, your car also needs energy protection! To make it easier for you, we've outlined the steps you can take to protect yourself from all sources of negativity. So you and your passengers will be safe while traveling. We also made a list of best stones to keep in your car.

For this tutorial you will need :

Crystals for car protection and where to place them

Before we talk about crystals to keep in your car, the first step is to clean your entire car. Clearing this space of any clutter or clothing that is out of place will give you a good clean start to initiate the protection process. Once you're working in a clean space, it's time to energetically clean your car with a burning sage. Feel free to make several passes to purify your car from top to bottom 😉 Done? ... Great, so we can move on to the second step!

You've done the hardest part! Now it's time to place the crystals to protect your environment. For this recipe, we recommend particular stones, which are the best crystals for the protection of your car.

crystals kit to protect your car


  1. Place the black tourmaline under the driver's seat for protection. The black tourmaline stone protects you and your car, as well as all passengers, from negative energies. It is a very powerful protective stone (as well as being very pleasing to the eye!).
  2. The selenite is placed under the passenger seat. Selenite cleanses and purifies the energy of your car to make it vibrate at the highest level, promoting a serene atmosphere, which can be a soothing counterbalance to the stresses of the road
  3. Place clear quartz in the trunk to create a white light shield. This natural stone acts as a white light shield that maintains a positive energy around your car. It is also an excellent catalyst that enhances the power of the surrounding stones.
  4. Place the amethyst stone on the dashboard to elp soothe the mind. Useful for drivers who may experience anxiety or stress.
  5. Tiger Eye's stone in the glove compartmentfor its protective and grounding energy, it can imbue them with the confidence needed to navigate busy roads and react calmly.
  6. Turquoise stone placed on the dashboard or weared as a necklace. It serve as a constant protector against unforeseen incidents.
  7. Malachite stone from the rear-view mirror or on the dashboard. It absorbs negative energies and pollutants, which is particularly relevant in a car, where one is constantly in a closed environment and exposed to various external factors.
  8. Rose quartz in the center consolideal for calming the nerves of drivers and passengers alike.


black tourmaline crystal for car protection

Black tourmaline under the driver’s seat

For those interested in integrating this powerful protective stone into their driving routine, it can be placed under the driver's seat or within a glove compartment. Some may choose to have it as part of a keychain, ensuring it remains close while driving. There are also Black Tourmaline car charms that can be hung on the rearview mirror, serving both as a decoration and a protective talisman.

Black Tourmaline is often seen as the go-to crystal for protection, and for a good reason. It's believed to be one of the most powerful protective stones, with the ability to absorb negative energies from the environment or from other people. In the context of car protection, Black Tourmaline is particularly valued for several reasons.

Absorb negative energy: The first and perhaps the most important attribute of Black Tourmaline in a vehicular context is its purported ability to absorb and transmute negative energy. This can come from various sources: the stress and agitation of a driver, the frustration from traffic jams, or even the erratic energy from other drivers on the road. Black Tourmaline is said to not only absorb this negativity but also to transform it into a neutral state, thereby maintaining a peaceful atmosphere within the car.

Black Tourmaline is also believed to send negative energy back to the sender. This is a form of energetic protection that might come in handy when dealing with aggressive drivers or road rage incidents. Instead of absorbing the hostility, the crystal might help deflect these energies away from you and your passengers.

Stress reliver: As a stress reliever, Black Tourmaline can be especially beneficial in a car setting. Driving, particularly in heavy traffic or over long distances, can be a significant source of stress. The presence of this crystal may help to alleviate the tension, allowing for a more relaxed driving experience.

Placing Black Tourmaline in your car could potentially create an "energetic shield" around it. Some people believe that by having this crystal in your vehicle, you're setting an intention for safety and protection, which may help keep you away from harm's way on the road.

selenite car protection

Selenite under the passenger’s seat

When it comes to placing Selenite in your car, under the passenger’s seat is a commonly suggested location. This allows the stone to work its cleansing magic on anyone who enters the vehicle, as well as on the car’s interior energy as a whole. However, given Selenite's delicate nature (as it can be easily scratched or dissolved in water), it's important to place it where it won't be damaged.

Selenite, with its pristine and elegant appearance, is highly valued for its properties of clarity and cleansing. This crystal is thought to act as a powerful purifier, making it ideal for the often chaotic environment of a car.

Elevate energy: One of the key features of Selenite is its ability to clear and elevate energy. Within the confines of a vehicle, it’s said to cleanse the space, promoting a serene atmosphere, which can be a soothing counterbalance to the stresses of the road. Its purifying nature doesn’t stop with the environment; Selenite is also believed to have the power to clear other crystals, which is why having it in the car could help in maintaining the efficacy of other protective stones you might carry.

Emotional balance: Additionally, Selenite is linked with emotional balance and peace. As such, it can be a beneficial ally in managing road rage or the frustration of being caught in traffic. By fostering a calm environment, it can help the driver and passengers to maintain a clear head and a steady heart, reducing the likelihood of emotional outbursts or impulsive driving decisions.

Energetic protection: Another intriguing property attributed to Selenite is the strengthening of the "auric field". The aura, according to many spiritual beliefs, is an electromagnetic field that surrounds each person. By strengthening this field, Selenite may offer an additional layer of energetic protection against external stresses and influences.

Selenite also has a reputation for enhancing mental clarity. In the context of driving, this could translate into sharper focus, better decision-making, and heightened awareness, all of which are critical for safety on the road.

amethyst car protection

Amethyst on the dashboard

To utilize Amethyst effectively in your car, it can be placed on the dashboard to help guide and protect, or worn as jewelry to maintain a connection with its calming energies. It's also commonly placed in the glove compartment or tucked into a seat pocket, ensuring its presence is both felt and unobtrusive. For those who may feel drowsy during long drives, Amethyst might be beneficial as it is thought to help with alertness and warding off sleepiness, acting as a natural antidote to the hypnotic monotony of long stretches of road.

Amethyst, with its distinctive purple hue, is celebrated not only for its beauty but also for its purported metaphysical properties that make it a prized crystal for travelers and those seeking protection and calmness in their vehicles.

Clarity of mind: One significant aspect of Amethyst is its association with spirituality and intuition. It's believed to enhance the intuitive abilities of the user, providing a subconscious guide for making quick and safe decisions while on the road, which is crucial for navigating unexpected driving conditions or emergencies.

Stress relief: The stone is also credited with promoting calmness and clarity. This can be especially useful for drivers who may experience anxiety or stress, as it’s said to help soothe the mind and encourage a serene driving experience. In the stressful environment of a car—where honking horns and the hustle of traffic can be overwhelming—Amethyst's calming energies can contribute to a more peaceful commute.

Protection against bad energies: Another important property attributed to Amethyst is its ability to ward off negative energies and protect against harm. This protective aspect is said to encompass physical safety while traveling, potentially making it a suitable companion for long drives or for those who frequently travel at night.

In addition, Amethyst is considered a natural tranquilizer, which can help in diffusing the potentially high-strung energies of other passengers or even road rage from other drivers. It is believed to emit a peaceful frequency that can settle down any charged atmosphere within the car.

tiger eye's stone car protection

Tiger Eye in the glove compartment

To incorporate Tiger's Eye into your car's environment, it can be placed in the glove compartment, attached to the rearview mirror, or even set on the dashboard. Some individuals prefer to carry it on their person, such as in a pocket or as jewelry, to ensure a constant flow of its protective energy while driving.

Tiger's Eye is a remarkable crystal that is highly cherished for its protective and grounding energy. It is particularly beneficial for use in cars due to its properties that are believed to encourage a state of alertness and maintain focus.

Focus: The stone is also known for its ability to help maintain focus. The vibrant, chatoyant bands that roll across its surface are not just beautiful; they're also said to capture attention and keep the mind engaged. This can be beneficial for long drives where the monotony might otherwise lead to a wandering mind and reduced attention to the road.

Help in decision-making process: Tiger's Eye is reputed to have energies that promote balance and clear thinking, qualities that can help in decision-making processes. When driving, split-second decisions can be crucial, and Tiger's Eye is believed to sharpen the senses and improve judgment, potentially aiding in making safer choices quickly.

Aura of protection: Additionally, Tiger's Eye is considered to provide protection against accidents. It's thought to create an aura of protection that wards off hazards and ensures safe travel. For those who believe in the power of crystals, carrying Tiger's Eye can serve as a talisman for safety while on the move.

For drivers who are new or nervous, Tiger's Eye can offer a sense of empowerment and reduce fear, which can be particularly helpful in overcoming the anxiety associated with driving. Its energy is said to be grounding, yet invigorating, helping to keep energy levels up and stress levels down.

clear quartz stone car protection

Clear quartz in the trunk

To effectively use Clear Quartz in your car, you might consider placing a small stone in the trunk, which is thought to envelop the vehicle in a circle of protective light as you travel. Alternatively, placing it on the dashboard or attaching it to the rear-view mirror could serve as a visual reminder of your intention for a safe journey.

Clear Quartz is often regarded as the "master healer" of crystals and is valued for its versatility and amplifying energy. In the context of automotive protection and enhancement, Clear Quartz has several purported benefits that can be particularly advantageous.

Amplification of Energy: Clear Quartz is said to enhance the energies around it. When used in a car, it's believed to amplify the positive energies, contributing to a more harmonious and uplifting environment. This is beneficial when combined with other protective stones, as it can intensify their properties.

Clarity and Alertness: While driving, mental clarity and alertness are paramount. Clear Quartz is associated with the crown chakra, which is the energy center related to consciousness and divine connection. It is thought to clear the mind, promote concentration, and reduce mental fog, aiding drivers in maintaining focus on the road and their surroundings.

Protection and Purification: This crystal is also reputed to create a protective shield around the physical and energetic body. In a vehicle, this could translate to an energetic barrier against external stresses and negativity. Its purifying effects are said to extend to the clearing of electromagnetic pollution, which can be significant given the number of electronic devices often used in cars.

Stress Alleviation: Driving can be a stressful activity, and Clear Quartz is believed to help alleviate stress and promote a sense of well-being. Its calming energies can be particularly soothing during long commutes or in heavy traffic.

turquoise stone car protection

Turquoise as a jewelry

For drivers and passengers alike, incorporating Turquoise into your vehicle can be done in various ways: as part of a keychain, as a loose stone in a safe compartment, or even integrated into car seat covers or steering wheel covers that come in contact with your body.

Turquoise, with its captivating blue-green hue, has been a valued stone throughout history, treasured for its beauty and its reputed healing properties. In the realm of driving and car protection, Turquoise brings a host of benefits.

Protective Qualities: Turquoise is often associated with protective properties, making it a suitable choice for those seeking to safeguard their journey. It's believed to shield individuals from harm, which is why it’s commonly used as a travel amulet. Hanging Turquoise from the rear-view mirror or placing it on the dashboard can serve as a constant protector against unforeseen incidents.

Intuition and Awareness: This stone is also credited with enhancing intuition and awareness. While driving, being in tune with your surroundings and having heightened senses can be vital. Turquoise may help in making more informed decisions swiftly, which is essential for safe driving.

Environmental Shield: Turquoise is said to provide a defense against environmental pollution and negativity. Given that cars are often exposed to various external pollutants and energies, having Turquoise within your vehicle could be thought to maintain a cleaner energetic space.

Emotional Balance: The calming influence of Turquoise can contribute to emotional balance, which can be especially helpful in navigating the stressors that come with traffic or long road trips. It’s believed to foster inner peace and calm, which can alleviate the feelings of frustration or agitation that may arise during travel.

Physical Protection: Historically, Turquoise has been used as a talisman to protect the wearer from physical injury. In the context of driving, this translates to a stone that some believe can offer extra protection from physical harm while on the road.

malachite stone car protection

Malachite on the dashboard

To incorporate Malachite into your driving experience, it's often suggested to place the stone within the car where it can be in the driver's field of vision, such as on the dashboard. It can also be kept in a safe compartment or even worn by the driver or passengers as jewelry.

Malachite, with its striking green bands, is renowned for its transformative energy and is believed to be particularly powerful for protection while traveling. In automotive terms, Malachite is considered beneficial for several reasons.

Energetic Protection and Transformation: Malachite is often cited for its strong protective energies, especially in guarding against accidents. It’s believed to absorb negative energies and pollutants, which is particularly relevant in a car, where one is constantly in a closed environment and exposed to various external factors.

Travel Companion: Its reputation as a travel stone makes it ideal for long drives and road trips. Malachite is said to encourage adventurous spirits while also providing protection. It's believed to foster safe travel, not just by car, but across all modes of transportation.

Emotional Equilibrium: For the emotional well-being of passengers and drivers, Malachite is said to assist in maintaining emotional balance. This can be particularly useful in navigating the often stressful conditions of traffic and the close quarters of a vehicle during long journeys.

Supporting Driver Focus: Drivers may find Malachite’s purported ability to promote concentration and clarity beneficial. By possibly stabilizing the mood and encouraging a positive emotional state, it can help the driver remain vigilant and responsive.

Heart Chakra Connection: Malachite is associated with the heart chakra, which involves emotional release and the balancing of emotions. In the context of a car, where tensions can run high and patience can wear thin, Malachite may provide a soothing and stabilizing influence.

rose quartz car protection

Rose quartz in the center consol

To utilize Rose Quartz in your vehicle, consider placing a small stone in areas where it can influence the entire car, such as on the dashboard or in a center console. It can also be hung from the rear-view mirror as a charm, or worn by the driver as jewelry to maintain a close connection with its harmonizing energies.

Rose Quartz, often referred to as the "stone of love," holds a gentle energy that can be particularly soothing when incorporated into the often stressful environment of a car. Its soft pink hues are not only appealing visually but also carry a calming influence that extends to emotional, relational, and protective aspects within a vehicle.

Emotional Calm and Harmony: One of the primary benefits of Rose Quartz is its ability to soothe emotions, making it ideal for calming the nerves of drivers and passengers alike. It's believed to help in reducing stress and tension that can accumulate during long commutes or in traffic jams.

Relationships and Interactions: Rose Quartz is also celebrated for its influence on interpersonal relationships. In the close quarters of a car, this can translate into smoother interactions and less conflict among passengers. Its energy is said to encourage understanding and patience, which can be invaluable on long trips or in stressful driving situations.

Protective Energy: While typically associated with emotional protection, Rose Quartz is also thought to offer a form of spiritual safeguarding. This can be especially comforting when traveling through unfamiliar or challenging environments, providing a sense of security and peace.

Attracting Positive Energy: Beyond its calming and protective qualities, Rose Quartz is believed to attract love and positive energy. This can make the car a more pleasant and uplifting space, which might also enhance the overall mood and experience of travel.

Enhancing Love and Self-care: For those who spend a lot of time driving, keeping Rose Quartz in the car can be a reminder to practice self-love and care, important aspects often neglected during stressful or busy days.

Now you're ready to get back on the road safely. Every three months, be sure to recharge your crystals, clean them and put them back in your vehicle to maintain the protective shield.

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