Crystals To Keep In Your Car

Crystals to keep in your car

You are looking for crystals to protect your car from negative energy? Check out our guide for the best protection for your car.
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The road and its traffic jams are conducive to irritation, negative energy can come from various places when you are on the move. And just like your home or office, your car also needs energy protection! To make it easier for you, we've outlined the steps you can take to protect yourself from all sources of negativity. So you and your passengers will be safe while traveling. We also made a list of best stones to keep in your car.

For this tutorial you will need :

  • A burning sage x1
  • A black tourmaline stone x1
  • A selenite stone x1
  • A clear quartz stone x1
  • An Amethyst stone x1
sage kits for the protection of your car

Crystals for car protection and where to place them

Before we talk about crystals to keep in your car, the first step is to clean your entire car. Clearing this space of any clutter or clothing that is out of place will give you a good clean start to initiate the protection process. Once you're working in a clean space, it's time to energetically clean your car with a burning sage. Feel free to make several passes to purify your car from top to bottom 😉 Done? ... Great, so we can move on to the second step!

You've done the hardest part! Now it's time to place the crystals to protect your environment. For this recipe, we recommend particular stones, which are the best crystals for the protection of your car.

crystals kit to protect your car
  • Place the black tourmaline under the driver's seat for protection. The black tourmaline stone protects you and your car, as well as all passengers, from negative energies. It is a very powerful protective stone (as well as being very pleasing to the eye!).
  • The selenite is placed under the passenger seat. Selenite cleanses and purifies the energy of your car to make it vibrate at the highest level. It is also an excellent anti-stress to be prepared for any event to avoid the stress of the road.
  • Place clear quartz in the center console to create a white light shield. This natural stone acts as a white light shield that maintains a positive energy around your car. It is also an excellent catalyst that enhances the power of the surrounding stones.
  • Finally, place the amethyst stone in your glove compartment to promote safety. Amethyst is known to work smoothly and seamlessly.

Now you're ready to get back on the road safely. Every three months, be sure to recharge your crystals, clean them and put them back in your vehicle to maintain the protective shield.

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