Labradorite rune stones
Labradorite rune stones
Labradorite rune stones

Labradorite rune stones

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Labradorite runes

Labradorite is a stone both intriguing and attractive because of its reflections and its virtues. Discover this beautiful set of 25 hand-engraved labradorite runes.

The interpretation of a rune reading will reflect your background, your life or your experience and its interpretation will be unique. The runes are also guides that help us to know ourselves better but also to analyze our past and our present. This type of divinatory support allows us to better apprehend the events of life and to understand them.

Labradorite runes meaning

Labradorite is very well known as a powerful protective stone. Indeed, it absorbs negative energies and destroys them entirely. It is also an excellent shield to protect yourself from harmful things that pollute your existence. The labradorite stone also protects you from unhappiness, sorrows and negative feelings or energies from other people.

By choosing labradorite runes, you can benefit from the virtues and properties of this stone. Thanks to these labradorite runes, you will be able to develop your spirituality and create a unique link with the universe. These runes in labradorite are also ideal to protect you from negative energies during your draws or during your divination sessions. They will offer you harmony and balance, as well as a boost of energy. Labradorite runes are a wonderful medium for divination or fortune-telling.

  • Materials: Natural stone
  • Set of 25 runes
  • Hand-painted
  • Size: 30-40mm
  • Each stone is unique, the shades of color may vary

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