Rose quartz pyramid
Rose quartz pyramid
Rose quartz pyramid
Rose quartz pyramid
Rose quartz pyramid

Rose quartz pyramid

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Stone:Rose quartz

Rose quartz crystal pyramid

A stone of unconditional love, rose quartz will give you a sense of peace. It eases past emotional wounds and allows for healing, compassion and understanding.

How to use the clear quartz pyramid

Place the Rose Quartz Pyramid in your home and feel the infusion of self-love, romantic love, family love or friendship love spread.

    Clear quartz pyramid meaning

    The Rose quart pyramid also helps you open your heart to the love and understanding of those around you. It promotes inner peace, self-acceptance and develops empathy. It radiates tenderness, promotes friendship and spirituality. It soothes heartache, helps repair emotional and physical wounds, reduces stress and anxiety, and alleviates jealousy. The perfect stone pyramid to awaken your heart chakra and fill you with loving energy.

    Clear quartz pyramid benefits

    The rose quartz pyramid has benefits on the appearance: it would attenuate wrinkles for example, and soothes lesions caused by fire and injuries will be accelerated. This pink stone also promotes sleep in general.

    • Material: Natural stone
    • Size: 20*30*32*28
    • Weight: 20-30 g
    • Each stone is unique, shades of color may vary

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