Smudging feather
Smudging feather
Smudging feather
Smudging feather

Smudging feather

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Smudge feather

This feather is used in the smudging process. It is a dyed turkey feather for smudging, which symbolize the element of air. Each set contains 10 feathers.

What is the feather used for in smudging

In the Native American tradition, the fumigation feather is used to fan the smoke towards the person, place (room, office...) or object that you want to purify. These feathers allow the healing energy that emanates from the sage sticks to penetrate and be directed. The feather captures and redistributes the beneficial energies.

Fumigation is generally used with sage and Palo Santo, but it can also be used with other plants and incense

  • Dyed feather
  • Natural feather from natural moult
  • Quantity: feather*10
  • Size: 20-30 cm

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