Witch pendulum board
Witch pendulum board

Witch pendulum board

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Witchy pendulum wooden board

Engraved with witchy symbols, this pendulum board is a must-have tool for all witches, to have precise and detailed answers. This tool is also very practical for beginners. Indeed, this dowsing board will allow you to start your initiation to the divination pendulum, but also to better interpret the answers. The dowsing dial, in addition to being more precise, is extremely easy to use and offers clear answers.

  • Materials: Wood
  • Type: Slice wooden base
  • Size: 15*15cm, 25*25cm
  • Weight: 25g

Unlock the secrets of your future with the Wooden pendulum board. This board allows you to transcribe the energy of your pendulum. You can also discover all our Pendulum board.

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